Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Streets of Templestowe beginning with D, E, or F.

Continuing with a map of the location for each street in Templestowe, the following are the pages for the streets starting with the letters D, E, or F.

Darnley Drive, Dellas Avenue, Dellwood Court, Dena Court, Denham Court, Derrane Place, Dewpond Court, Dickens Close, Donegal Court, Dora Court, Dundee Court, Dunloe Rise, Durkin Court, Duxson Drive, Eades Court, Edwin Road, Ellen Street, Elm Court, Elsa Street, Ennersdale Court, Eumeralla Avenue, Fernbrook Way, Ferndell Crescent, Fielding Way, Fitzsimons Lane, Flowerdrum Close, Foote Street, Forest Court, Fulview Court


- Kelvin Eldridge

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