Friday, September 14, 2012

Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter/Adaptor

Apple is about to make a killing selling adaptors with the release of the Apple iPhone 5. The 30 pin docking connector which has existed since 2007, has now been replaced by a more compact connector. The problem for Apple users is if you have existing equipment which uses the 30 pin connector, you’ll now either need to buy new devices or an adaptor.

There are two adaptors. The Lightning to 30-pin Adapter/Adaptor (0.2m), which has a short cable and the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter/Adaptor, which is a chunky solid unit. In Australia the prices are $45 and $35 respectively (USA prices $39 and $29 respectively but may not include tax).

One article indicated supply of third party adaptors might not happen this year. With an expected 40-50 million iPhone 5’s expected to sell this year, if even just 20% decided to buy adaptors, that’s a sales windfall for Apple of over $320 million dollars. Not bad really when you’re talking about an accessory made for probably a dollar or two.

If you buy an iPhone 5 you may wish to factor in your need to purchase one or more Lightning to 30-pin adaptors. Alternately, if you wish to wait, perhaps put the purchase off until third party adaptors come out.

What I find is often people think a lot about their main purchase, but often put little thought into accessories so when an accessory is suggested by the salesperson, it’s an easy sell with a very high margin. This is a good strategy for an Apple store to make more money on a sale. When buying consider all components of the purchase and not just the main item.

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