Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free backup software for clients updated for Windows 7

Most new customers I see don’t have even a simple backup strategy in place. After reviewing many backup packages, including backup built into the operating system, I decided they weren’t what I wanted for many reasons included slow speed and even surprising some were unreliable. I wanted easy to use backup software, backups that could be accessed without the original backup software available because when the computer fails, often the backup software has also been lost.

I wrote a web service which generates a script the user can use to perform a backup. The client can then create scripts by filling out the form should their backup requirement change, or I create the script with them. The web service is available as a free service for clients.

A couple of days ago a new Windows 7 user needed a backup and the web service created the script which didn’t work as expected. The backup service has now been updated for the specific Windows 7 files that caused the problem. When Windows 8 is released I’ll again test the web service.

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