Friday, September 07, 2012

Power Consumption Calculator/Energy Cost Calculator

Many electrical devices have the power usage printed on them. For example we have a bathroom light which has three lights each consuming 50W. That meant every time the light was turned on it was using 150 watts. I’d estimate the usage of the light is perhaps around an hour per day.

Using the Energy Cost Calculator and entering 150W for 1 hour per day shows me the light was costing me around  $13.55 a year. Once I realised this and the lights blew (which they did quite quickly) I replaced the lights with 35W globes. Now at least I’d reduced the power usage to 105 watts which would work out at $9.49 a year. There was also a light in the light/fan/heater unit in the middle of the roof which had a 60W light and I replace that light with a 40W globe. Now that light is used most of the time reducing the three light usage to much less.

If I use the single 40W light 75% of the time and the triple light (105W) 25% of the time, I could save even more with very little effort. The cost would be $2.71 (40W for 45 minutes/day) plus $2.37 (105W for 15 minutes/day) for a total of $5.06 a year.

From an initial cost of $13.55, to $5.06, a saving of around 63% was easy to achieve by simply understanding the cost and making small changes. Imagine saving 63% per cent off your electricity. I don’t think anyone would complain about that.

When reviewing your power consumption consider both the length of time you are using the device as well as the power of a device. Considerable savings can be made once you know roughly how much your devices are costing you and then consider your options.

Kelvin Eldridge

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