Monday, August 26, 2013

Should businesses and schools have to pick up the costs of medical certificates they require.

I remember a person going to a doctor to have a government document witnessed. The doctor then requested payment for a consultation. No medical service was provided and the government required the signature. Taxpayers then pick up the rebate.

When our children were in year 12 and weren't well they required a medical certificate. Not sure if this was in general or if it was assessment related. The bottom line however is again the taxpayer picks up the tab through the medical system.

You're not feeling well with a cold and work requires a medical certificate. There is no trust. Even though you are entitled to a number of sick days a years you still have to get a medical certificate. I remember having the flu, could hardly move (living by myself) and still had to get to the doctors because of the pressure people are put under to get a medical certificate.

Medical certificates that are really only needed because the government or companies have no trust in their students or workers. However the real cost is tens of millions of dollars (possibly hundreds of millions) being paid to doctors for services that aren't really necessary.

Perhaps it is time to review the need for medical certificates. I remember one boss who said if you weren't feeling well just take the time off. It was a good working environment and I don't recall the need to take time off.

When you're sick with a cold or fever and really don't need to go to the doctor, the last thing you need is to stress of getting to a doctor and waiting around for an extended period of time in a doctor's surgery. The lack of trust in our society is costing the society tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars a year in unnecessary taxes.

Is it time the companies and organisations who require medical certificates to pick up the tab rather than the taxpayer?

Companies would very quickly move to reduce their costs. Tens if not hundreds of millions could potentially be wiped off the cost to taxpayers almost overnight.

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