Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wipe Off 5 ad campaign by the TAC should go.

I just read about the Wipe Off 5 competition so I decided to check out the site. The problem is many people just don't know what the Wipe Off 5 campaign is about and it shows from the suggestions being put forward.

Suggestions like reduce the speedo so it reads 5 km/h less. Reward people who drive 5 km/h under.

All the TAC is doing is sending a confusing message to the general public. Speed limits are posted and people think the campaign is about reducing your speed to 5 km/h below the posted speed limit creating a situation where good people think they are supposed to travel 5 km/h below the speed limit causing frustration to other drivers. Add that speedometers can legally be out by up to 10 km/h below the actual speed and what is created is inconsistent behaviour.

The Wipe Off 5 is about speeding drivers. The Wipe Off 5 is a campaign promoted by the Transport Accident Commission. VicRoads I suspect looks after the speed limits on our roads and adjusts the speed limits to what is considered safe. This is just two government departments sending out mixed messages that conflict with each other and potentially causes more harm than good.

The government needs to get rid of the Wipe Off 5 campaign and replace it with a better message that reflects what they are actually trying to achieve.

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