Thursday, June 27, 2013

Advertising local - JustLocal, the only true local advertising service.

As I wind up testing Google Adwords (which did not achieve good results) it occurred to me that JustLocal is the only true local advertising service. True in the sense that only locals can advertise on a local page.
With Google Adwords you can limit advertising to a region but unfortunately in Australia for Melbourne, you can't limit the region to a postcode or an area around your business, but only all of Melbourne. In addition, even though there may not be many businesses in your area providing similar services, with Google Adwords bigger businesses with deep pockets for advertising can also advertise against you resulting in advertising costs much greater than they could be.
The advantage of JustLocal for businesses and consumers is only the businesses based in an area can advertise on a postcode page. For consumers that means they know they are dealing with a local business and for businesses that makes it easier for locals to find them.

To my knowledge there is no other local advertising service which helps local businesses operate in their local area by only providing an advertising service for local businesses in their area.
If you'd like to find out more about my trial with Google Adwords I share the information in MyAnswers solution 2361.

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