Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alert: Woolworths Supermarket Survey Department

I received an email today with the subject ‘Woolworths Supermarket Survey Department’. The email has an attachment ‘’ which contains a html page which is a web page.

The body of the email contains:

‘You have been selected by Woolworths Online Department to take part in our quick and easy reward survey.

In return we will credit $50 to your account - Just for your time!’

This email is most likely a phishing scam designed to collect your details. You should delete these emails.

Woolworths Everyday users should start to become concerned with the constant emails sent out by Woolworths where you click on a button to accept their weekly offer. All it will take is for a scammer/malware writer to send you a fake email and you click on the button which takes you to a website and you could infect your computer. Once the large companies such as Woolworths send out regular emails where people don’t have to think too much they will become targets for malware writers. The same applies to Coles offers. Don’t just click on a button in an email without thinking. If you get tricked you could infect your computer and that will cost far more to repair than any special offer.


Kelvin Eldridge

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