Friday, June 07, 2013

Remote computer support Melbourne. Is it even necessary?

There is no doubt remote computer support can save some time when you’re being supported by someone across town, interstate or on the other side of the world. Have you ever needed to use remote support services. I’ve assisted clients when their suppliers have provided remote support services and I’ve found a few interesting things people don’t consider.

First you need to make a call to support. Often you’ll wait on the line for quite some time and then you log a support call. Clients sit around often for a couple of hours and sometimes the support call doesn’t even come back that day. So even though in theory remote support saves time it can also cost quite a lot in wasted time.

Next there are things that still need the customer to be at the computer. For example when the computer needs to be restarted. Often whilst the computer is being looked after the customer has to also sit by the computer consuming valuable staff time.

Then there was one support call where my client was asked to pull their computer apart and another where a manager had to crawl under the desk even though I’d already analysed the problem that a service technician was required.

Other issues are language difficulties when dealing with overseas support organisations. Another issue I’ve seen is where the support person is simply incompetent and it is simply best to ring up and get another person who is hopefully more skilled. One issue not mentioned is often whilst you’re being charged for a support call the person is also working on another support call whilst the technician is waiting for things to happen. In effect the support organisation is double charging (or even triple charging) for their services instead of passing on the time saving to the client.

The one situation where remote support tends not to work well is when the computer is crippled, such as when infected with malware, and it is not possible to connect into the computer remotely. This is when onsite support is required.

I’ve provided remote support to clients, family and friends and in fact at its simplest, a telephone call is a form of remote support and I’ve handled probably thousands of those over the years. But generally remote support is connecting into a client’s computer and remotely taking over the computer to fix a problem.

Many technical support organisations provide remote support as their primary form of support. That saves the client the travel time but still has all the limitations mentioned above. Most of the time remote support will work fine, but when it doesn’t onsite support is required and is usually much more expensive. My focus is to support local residents and businesses. There is little need for remote support because I’m just around the corner. As soon as I’ve finished one support task I can quickly get to the next client and look after their needs. There is no call-out fee, no extra charge for onsite support, no yearly contracts and you deal with the same person each time. Often people who use a computer find it difficult to explain their problem, but when they’re able to discuss a problem face-to-face with a person things become much easier.

If you’re looking for an organisation to provide remote support take a little time to look around your local area for a local support person. Chances are there is someone in your area supporting someone half way across the world who could just as easily support you locally. If you live or work in Templestowe, Doncaster, Eltham or the surrounding area then give me a call on 0415 910 703. When you have local support you don’t need remote support and you’re helping to build a stronger local community when you use the services of locals.

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