Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Power consumptiom of a fridge

A family member just purchased a new fridge and was wondering how much it costs to run. Normally I suggest measuring the electricity usage of an appliance using a low cost power meter, then plug the figures into the Electricity Cost Calculator I've written to make determining the yearly cost easier.

However with a new fridge it is even easier. Fridges now have an energy rating and have a sticker with the energy rating and usage per year. In this case the fridge uses 337 kWh of electricity a year. A good figure to use for electricity is around 25 cents per kWh. So this fridge is expected to use around $84 of electricity a year.

Not all devices are as easy as a fridge to calculate. For example television sets are often measured as being used 10 hours per day. If you take the kWh figure and divide by the number of hours, then divide by 365 for the number of days in a year, the figure you get is the kWh figure for one hour. That way if you use an appliance such as a TV for more or less hours, you can get a good idea of how much your TV will cost you a year to run using the Electricity Cost Calculator.

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