Sunday, February 08, 2015

A $6 credit available to watch a movie from Google Play for Chromecast users.

I noticed there was a $6 credit available from Google Play for Chromecast users, which means Google is shouting a movie for a date night. For those with a Chromecast I thought I'd write up the steps. 

Open Chrome and connect to your Chromecast
Go to
Tick the ‘I agree..’ box
Click Continue
Click Select Your Device

On the TV screen you’ll see ‘Congrats! You have 4 offers available…'

Click on the ‘Get $6 Google Play Movie rental’ Redeem button
Click Confirm
Enter your postcode and click Continue. (You should read the terms and conditions)

You’ll now see a Congratulations dialogue with the message ‘A$6.00 has been added to your Google Play account. Your new balance is $AX.XX’ where the amount for me was $6.
Click Close


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