Thursday, February 05, 2015

Herald Sun incorrectly reports road rage incident in Thompsons Road Bulleen as being in Templestowe.

I saw this video and kept thinking I don't recall such a road in Templestowe. Took me a while but this road rage incident occurred in Bulleen near the intersection of Bulleen Road and Thompsons Road.

Interestingly young people are often accused of road rage and yet in this instance it is a older man who is driving a Lexus who got out of the car. I don't believe anyone should EVER exit a car and this should be an offence where the Lexus driver should in my opinion lose their licence. The 4WD should probably be booked for cutting off another car and probably going through a red light. The light changes from amber to red and they made no attempt to stop. But of course they may have been trying to get away from a potential hazard.

Just as interesting is the number of cars that go past in the video changing lanes and not indicating. Really quite crazy driving.

I can see how this situation probably arose but there is no excuse for violence on our roads and I do hope the police take appropriate action. The comments on the post also show how people are disenchanted with the money raising focus of the government by using the police force. That really is not a good outcome for our community.

Kelvin Eldridge

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