Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Where is the nearest KFC? Where is the closest KFC? Have you ever asked these questions?

Where is the nearest KFC is a question I've often asked over the years. Unfortunately I've found the sites of the majors lacking and I'm sure they're better now, but rather than be frustrated with a site that doesn't do what I want, since I've got the skills, I'm able to write a site to work the way I want and need.

Once I've written a site for my own needs, I often make the site public so others can benefit from what I've created.

If you've asked yourself the question "where is the nearest KFC?" or "where is the closest KFC?", then feel free to check out my site www.mapz.com.au/nearestkfc for desktop users and www.mapz.com.au/nearestkfc/mobile for mobile users. The desktop version shows all the locations on a map, whereas the mobile version shows the closest five  KFCs to your current location. The mobile version also works well on the desktop. You can go from one version to another using the link in the menu.

Kelvin Eldridge

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