Friday, February 27, 2015

Alert: Commercial Cleaning Special Offices - cheap247cleaningservices

I recently received a spam email and thought others are probably receiving the same spam email. Today I received another email of the same type.

My approach to spam is anyone who spams in Australia I simply wouldn't deal with. They know they're spamming and it's against the law. Do I really want to deal with law breakers and trust them with my premises? The answer is definitely no. There's plenty of decent businesses out there trying to make a  living legitimately. Why take the risk.

However in this case I'm not even sure it's a spam email as it could be a scam email. The reason is if I hover over the image the domain is shown and it is a French domain. I've not typically seen a scam email come from a French domain before.

Scam or spam doesn't really matter. It is simply best if you delete these emails.

Kelvin Eldridge

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