Tuesday, April 28, 2015

SEO review of test site shows it is performing better than expected.

If you think about it, it's a pretty crazy thing to create a website guiding people about SEO when you know you need to compete with a whole industry that's been in place for years making money from SEO. I don't think you could get a tougher area to try to get a site to rank well.

Much to my surprise however the site www.SEO-Company-Melbourne.com.au that I created as a test site and to share my unique approach is ranking very well. When creating the site I checked the keywords people use. The obvious is to start with SEO which has 355 million results returned in Google. Not going to get traffic just starting so not a good idea at the start to go for such a short term. Next you get SEO Company (37 million results) and we're at the second level. Then at the third level we get the keywords such as SEO company Melbourne where there's 782K results returned in Google. Still a considerable amount of sites appear, but I thought let's see how this goes.

The site was created and that night the site appear in Google in after the 10th page of results. The next day it moved up and now around a month later the site is on the second page of Google for a variety of keywords.

The aim of the SEO Company Melbourne site is to test one aspect of SEO, but also to provide useful content for those who find the page. I share an approach which should help people ensure they receive value from an SEO consultant. So many people report spending large amounts of money for little to no return ,so hopefully the site helps to inform people.

The site is a good example as it shows what can be done using SEO techniques. Within a month the site is now positioned so it could in theory start earning money over the next year. That however wasn't my purpose. I use my SEO skills for my own business, my clients and to assist advertisers on JustLocal. The page wasn't designed to produce income.

If you're looking for an SEO consultant or agency, check where the business appears for the various keywords relating to SEO. Surely it's their business to rank well for the services they're selling others. If they don't, and I can rank well in around a month, it really should be a red flag.

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