Saturday, April 11, 2015

Service update from Gumtree.

I received an email with the subject "Service updated from Gumtree" and thought I'd check to see whether this was a scam email or not. The problem with sending notifications like this is so many people have or will use Gumtree in Australia and so the volume of people that may be tricked is very large.

Interestingly I never knew there was an issue or charge editing Gumtree ads. Given I've only ever created a single ad for testing purposes it makes sense I'd not seen this as an issue.

Checking all the links they all appear to be legitimate so the notification is legitimate. However always keep in mind it would take a scammer very little time to duplicate this type of email and include links that could be...let's just say not the best to click on.

Even when you receive emails from well known suppliers you use, you should always assume the worst and the email is a scam. Don't click on links but instead go to the site and log in. It only takes a second to clink on a scam link and the cost to in time and money can be considerable.

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