Monday, February 18, 2013

Alert: Qantas Telephone Sales Australia - Itinerary And Travel Details

I received a couple of emails this morning with the subject "Qantas Telephone Sales Australia - Itinerary And Travel Details". Attached to the each email is malware which isn't currently detected by most of the antivirus programs people in Australia generally use.

The attachment is designed to appear to be a PDF with a filename of "QANTAS7769043.pdf.exe" or similar. By default in Windows, you won't see the .exe in filenames.

I suggest changing the default setting in Windows so the filename extension is visible. Doing this can provide a better clue that an attachment is malware.

You should delete these emails.

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  1. Hello Kelvin.
    I'm from Spain and I've received several emails from this address. (Only the attachment was .zip)
    My Fortimail system has blocked properly this emails like a virus suspected, the problem is that we can not receive emails from the same domain ( that are are correct.
    We've notified it to our contact.

    1. Thanks Juanma,

      Sorry for not stating things as clearly as I could. The attached files are zip files and the example I provided was an example of the content of one of the zip files.

      Thanks also for sharing how it is affecting you. It does sound like Fortimail is compounding the problem. Hope your contact can assist.



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