Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nokia Lumia 620 Australia release date

Tonight I noticed a Harvey Norman ad on the internet for the Nokia Lumia 620, white 8GB. The date of release is 22nd of February.

What also caught my eye was the price of $276. Previous pricing I've read had the Nokia 620 at $329RRP.

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This isn't a recommendation for the 620, but I just wanted to let others know if this mobile interests them.

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  1. Three months back I made a major mistake of exchanging my Sony Xperia Neo V for Nokia 610. And I was never so frustrated before. Never imagined any Nokia phone to be so underpowerred, low on performance. The 610 has nothing in its favour except only the editing of office documents. If 620 also happens to be in the same league, think twice before going for it. Android based phones are much more reliable, sturdy and offer variety.