Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alert: Conspiracy: Why Wallstreet brokers make 2 Million a day, Conspiracy: Why the Banks and Wallstreet wants you to fail -

Today I received five emails all with the subject being different. I've never seen a mass mailing (potentially scam, phishing or malware) where the subject has changed in every case but the body of the email remains the same. Changing the subject makes it harder for people to check the internet to see if an email is a potential threat.

The subjects were:

Conspiracy: Why Wallstreet brokers make 2 Million a day
Conspiracy: Why the Banks and Wallstreet wants you to fail
Re: $70 every 60 Seconds...  Really?
You were fooled about Forex and Stock Market
"CheatingTheOdds" - Bank secrets revealed

These emails came from Argentina, Mexico (x2), Chile and Colombia.

The domain is registered to a company in South China.
The body of the message starts with the following:
"You probably have never even heard about
this before (its that GOOD)
It's a new website that's already
got over 5,000 people making $70 Every 60 Seconds"

There is a link which goes to the domain The site is a typical high pitched sales site which I highly suspect is some form of scam and may even be malicious with the potential to infect your computer. I didn't try to find out, but I'd advise others not to click on the link.

I'd highly recommend that you delete these emails.

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UPDATE: I decided to follow through the links using techniques which minimise risk. Whilst I didn't complete the registration, based on the information provided, I was able to glean this is more than likely an invitation to participate in binary trading. This almost sounds like the old roulette red/black strategy where you keep doubling until you win, except in the stock market. Unfortunately often a run of the wrong choice can break you, or the cumulative losses to the win means the win is minimal.