Thursday, February 14, 2013

MetEye from Bureau of Meteorology being launch late February/March 2013

I've found the weather app which comes with the Apple iPhone to differ quite significantly at times from the Bureau of Meteorology, so I remove the app and put a bookmark on my home screen direct to the BOM site.

I noticed the following on the BOM site today.

"MetEye: A whole new way to view your local weather
Scheduled Release Date: Late February or March 2013 *

From late February or March 2013, the Bureau will release its new MetEye map viewer and Local Weather web pages.

MetEye provides a whole new way to view your local weather, giving the latest weather and forecasts out to 7 days ahead, for any location."

Because I live in Melbourne I've only really been interested in Melbourne's weather. It is good to see the BOM is going to provide localised weather easily accessible to more Australians and perhaps even travellers. Not certain if this information is already provided in some way, but if it is, in a quick search I couldn't find it.

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