Thursday, February 07, 2013

When buying a new Windows 8 computer/notebook/hybrid/tablet be aware of the processor.

A while ago I was in a computer retailer and a customer asked about the processor for a new computer. The sales assistant said don’t be too concerned about the speed. To me that was a major concern. The problem with getting advice from a retailer is they only make money if they can sell you something, so if there is an issue with something they’ll often gloss over the issue or change the conversation away from the issue so the customer forgets.

Right now I’m seeing quite a few portable/tablet type devices being advertised in the market. They look very good but then when I check the specs they have a pretty average performing processor. The problem is a higher performing processor consumes more energy and that means a shorter battery life at this stage with the current technology. With portability we want a longer battery life. I know I certainly do.

In the past underperforming processors were largely kept to the bottom end of the market with the cheap prices. But now with tablets and hybrids, you could end up with a computer that barely runs as fast as a 4-5 year old computer.

One service I have provided clients is to review the specifications for the computer they are thinking of buying. Often this gives clients peace of mind they’re making a good purchase, but in other cases it has meant they’ve decided not to purchase. For example a student was being offered a cheaper notebook and a more expensive lighter notebook through their school and the parents contacted me for advice. The more expensive notebook was actually far less powerful. With that knowledge they were able to make a better informed decision. Another example is a person was buying a notebook on special at Dick Smith. It ended up the notebook couldn’t write to CDs let alone DVDs (this information wasn’t clearly stated) which meant the notebook wasn’t suitable.

The small cost for advice at the right time can end up helping us make better buying decisions and in some cases, help us avoid buying a dud. Just ask yourself next time when you’re buying something, “is the advice you’re getting in your interest or the interest of the person selling?” If you need help, make sure you have someone in your corner you can trust.

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