Thursday, February 07, 2013

Aldi digital caliper

I must admit I tend to give Aldi products a hard time. I keep buying their specials but I take into account that probably about a third of the time they don’t work. E.g. a PVR which lasted six months. An evaporator which lasted a few hours. A 7” tablet which didn’t work. Equally however they’ve had some good bargains. I remember purchasing a memory card which was half the price of everyone else at the time, so I tend to forgive them probably more than I should.

I did purchase the Aldi caliper and have to say I’ve used it a couple of times recently and to me it has paid for itself. The first time I used it the batteries had gone flat. No biggie as I could still read the measurement from the scale. Recently I’ve had to measure a number of items and the LCD display makes it very easy to check the measurement. That’s enough patting Aldi on the back;-)

Kelvin Eldridge
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