Thursday, February 21, 2013

RSPCA Burwood adoption fees.

I have to admit I was quite surprised to see the quite expensive adoption fees for animals from the RSPCA in Burwood. The fees came to my attention because a couple of pensions I know decided they'd adopt a dog rather than purchase one from a retailer . Once they found out the price that put a stop to that idea.

I had a guinea pig and it was be a lovely pet. The price for a guinea pig at $50 if I'm correct, far exceeds the cost from the pet shop at Greensborough.

I have to wonder how many unwanted animals end up getting put down because of the adoption fees.

If you're thinking about a pet make sure you think long and hard about the commitment and the cost. Not just the upfront cost, but the ongoing cost including the unexpected and very high Vet costs if required. We sat in a vet recently and the people we saw were all getting charged $300 or more. Our two visits cost us around a $1,000. So make sure you're ready for the commitment and the cost. A pet becomes a very special friend.

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