Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ring Road roadworks closes section this weekend.

There is no doubt the roadworks on the M80 Ring Road can be frustrating.

This weekend the section of the Ring Road between Sydney Road and Pascovale Road heading west, will be closed from 8pm Saturday night until 5:30am Monday morning.

I read the roadworks are costing $2.2 billion and expected to take 8 years to complete.

Why the government has to do upgrades in both directions and on most sections, even though they are unrelated, makes no sense to me.

I've lost faith in the Ring Road sometime ago. I find you never know if you'll end up at a dead stop or not and that can be pretty stressful. Without notice or an signs, they blocked to exit to the airport and their detour signs led to nowhere.

I can't help feeling one section at a time, on one side at a time, would have caused far less inconvenience and made it far easier for drivers to plan for.

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